We have well established proprietary solutions, partners and customers in the engineering and digital product development sector. At your request we would be happy to provide you with a detailed description of our expertise and references in the field of your interest.


CADFEM GmbH - Grafing/DE SOFiSTiK AG - Munich/DE BEL EooD - Kazanluk/BG Hoinka GmbH - Stuttgart/DE
BIM2Sim software development:
BIM/Ifc model-view-controller extension for ANSYS
SofistikRhino software development:
CAD plugin - model-view-controller for SOFiSTiK in Rhinoceros 3D
Software & Engineering services:
CAD-CAM interfaces for CNC and laser machines
Engineering services:
Life-cycle-assessment for the building sector








Key Technical Portfolio

Geometry, Modelling, CAD & Pre-Processing


  Product- &

  Spatial tool for discrete geoemtry
  FEM-Mesh Generartion   
Computational Mechanics & Numerical Simulation

  BIM-Coupled FEM simulations   
  Analysis tools in engineering application   
  Machine learning in engineering   
CAD/CAM/CAE - Production bridges
  3D printing services and utilities   
  CNC & laser machine utilities   
Software development and digital tools
  Cloud tools and computing in engineering


Talks and Presentations 

Tech Talk:
Early product design, modelling & simulation 
Tech Talk:
PROP_DESIGN ffr: Aircraft propeller design and optimization 
Conference Talk:
PROP_DESIGN presentation at Mech-Aero 2016, Orlando Florida 
Software Tutorial: