The key expertise of ffr Engineering circles around engineering and IT solutions and services in the area of geometric pre-processing, modelling, FEM mesh generation, numerical simulation and digital product design. We see ourselves as technical consultants, engineers, software architects and strategic planners for digital tools in engineering. We also provide software development services with our partner Locis GmbH.

Modelling & Geometry

  • CAD and product modelling experts
  • CAD and model clean-up / healing
  • Free-form modelling
  • Modelling interfaces
  • Geometric algorithms
  • Model complexity analysis
  • CAD-teaching

Meshing & Pre-Processing

  • Geometry discretization
  • FEM meshing experts
  • Model-Mesh interfaces
  • “Discrete spatial backbone”
  • Meshing algorithms
  • Meshing complexity analysis
  • Customized pre-processing workflows

Product development & Simulation

  • Numerical simulation experts FEM, CFD, SEA, semi-analytic …
  • Simulation coupling
  • Simulation interfaces
  • Simulation stack automation
  • Simulation complexity analysis
  • Optimization algorithms

Production & Building

  • Development-Production bridges
  • Production-oriented optimization for digital planning tools
  • Machine interfacing (CNC, laser technology, 3D printing)

Process optimization

  • Consulting for the digital product development cycle
  • Risk, sensitivity and complexity analysis for the digital development process
  • On-site training and teaching


  • Digital tools for engineering solutions and digital product development
  • Digital strategies and architectures
  • Cloud and big data strategies
  • Data analysis and data processing in the design and production cycles