History & Vita

ffr Engineering was founded 2012 and is since then under private ownership and operation by Felix Frischmann (B.Eng. Civil Engineering & M.Sc. Computational Mechanics).

What started once as a part-time freelancing service aside the founders work in academia and science has turned over the years into a professional and independent provider of software technology, engineering as well as tech & business consulting services.

Right from the beginning we were aside from industrial projects also involved in open source software development in the field of pre-processing for numerical simulation in engineering. Our portfolio has grown since then by various professional services and proprietary as well as customized software products.

The development of actual software products is recently to a large extend being relocated to an independent business unit: Locis GmbH in 2017, founded and operated by Felix Frischmann and Dr. Christian Sorger. ffr Engineering will continue to offer a broad portfolio of engineering, tech & business consulting solutions and services in the field of civil engineering, engineering digitalization, product modelling, pre-processing, numerical simulation, engineering cloud computing and computational mechanics.


Vita: Felix Frischmann


03/2006 - 08 / 2009 University of Applied Science - Stuttgart
B.Eng. Civil Engineering
10/2009 - 11 / 2011

Technische Universität München

M.Sc. Computational Mechanics

Professional career:

07/2017 Managing Director
Locis GmbH
08/2012 Owner/Managing Director
ffr Engineering
12/2011 - 12/2016 Research Assistant 
Technische Universität München
Computation in Engineering
04/2010 - 09/2011
03/2008 - 10/2009
Student Worker
Drees&Sommer ABT GmbH
Building Energy Design
Stuttgart / Munich
10/2009 - 02/2010

Student Worker
PSP Consulting Engineers GmbH
Infrastructure & Tunneling


Publications, Talks and Presentations:

Industrial & Professional Talks

Frischmann, F.; Digitalisierung im Bauwesen - Digitale Produktmodelle, Planungsprozesse, numerische Simulation und Life-Cycle-Management; DGNB Auditorentag, 30.11.2016, Berlin
Frischmann, F.; Propeller design - Software implementation and application of analytical and numerical tools for propeller design and shape optimization; Conference talk – Mech-Aero 2016, Orlando
Frischmann, F.; Bim2Sim - Integration von Gebäudemodelle in Stadtmodelle und Simulation; 34. CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference – Forum Digitale Städte, 5. – 7. Oktober 2016, Nürnberg
Frischmann, F.; BIM-gekoppelte Simulationsmodelle für den Hochbau, LOC Center Day, 11.11. 2016, München
Frischmann, F.; Bim2Sim inside ANSYS - Integration of Building Product Models into Simulation; 35. CADFEM ANSYS Simulation Conference – Forum Digital City, 15. – 17. November 2017, Koblenz
Frischmann, F.; Digitalisierung im Bauwesen – Building Information Modelling; DGNB Consulting Tag, 04.07.2017, Stuttgart


Scientific publications, proceedings and conference talks

Frischmann, F.; Heißbemessung einschaliger Tübbing-Konstruktionen im Tunnelbau; Bachelors’s Thesis B.Eng. – PSP Consulting Engineers GmbH & Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
Frischmann, F.; Topological and Geometric Healing on Solid Models; Master’s Thesis M.Sc. – Chair for Computation in Engineering, Technische Universität München
Frischmann, F.; Buchschmid, M.; Ruess, M.; Kreutz, J.; Müller, G.; Numerical models for violins; Conference Proceedings: DAGA 2011
Sorger, C.; Frischmann, F.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Rank, E.; TUM.GeoFrame: Automated high-order hexahedral mesh generation for shell-like structures; Engineering with Computers 30 (1), pp. 41-56, 2014
Horger, T.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Frischmann, F.; Rank, E.; Wohlmuth, B.; A new mortar formulation for modeling elastically bedded structures in vibro-acoustics in 3D; Advanced Modeling And Simulation In Engineering Sciences, 2014 - Status: Postprint / reviewed
Schillinger D.; Evans, J. A.; Frischmann, F.; Hiemstra, R. R.; Hsu, M.‐C.; Hughes, T. J.R.; A collocated C0 finite element method: Reduced quadrature perspective, cost comparison with standard finite elements, and explicit structural dynamics; Int. J. for Numerical Methods in Engineering. 10/2014; DOI: 10.1002/nme.4783
Paolini, A.; Frischmann, F.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Rank, E.; et al.; Parameteridentifikation von Brettsperrholz -Elementen mittels Bayesscher Optimierung; Conference Proceedings: DAGA 2016
Paolini, A.; Frischmann, F.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Rabold, A.; Mecking, S.; Schanda, U.; Rank, E.; Abbildung von Elastomeren in FE-Modellen von Holzbaukonstruktionen; In: Fortschritte der Akustik, DAGA 2017, Kiel, Deutschland, 2017
Zander, N.; Bog, T.; Frischmann, F.; Rank, E.; et al.; The multi-level hp-method for three-dimensional problems: Dynamically changing high-order mesh refinement with arbitrary hanging nodes; Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 310:252–277
Kudela, L.; Frischmann, F.; Yossef, O.; Uzan, A.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Yosibash, Z.; Rank, E.; Image-based mesh generation of tubular geometries under circular motion in refractive environments; Machine Vision and Applications, 2017 - Status: Preprint / submitted
D'Angella, D.; Zander, N.; Kollmannsberger, S.; Frischmann, F.; Rank, E.; Schröder, A.; Reali, A.; Multi-Level hp-Adaptivity and Explicit Error Estimation; Advanced Modeling and Simulation in Engineering Sciences, pp. 1-18, Springer, 2016; DOI: 10.1186/s40323-016-0085-5 - Status: Verlagsversion / published
Frischmann, F.; TUM.GeoFrame - Automated generation of conforming hexahedral meshes for thin-walled shell-like structures; Conference talk – ECCOMAS 2012, Wien
Frischmann, F.; Surface mesh smoothing and improvement strategies for free-form shapes in industrial and academic applications; Conference talk – WCCM 2014, Barcelona
Frischmann, F.; High-order finite elements for mid-frequency vibro-acoustics in the planning process of timber buildings; Conference talk – Eurodyn 2014, Porto

Scientific-Industrial collaborations and projects

DoMesh – FEM surface mesh generator for triangular and quadrilateral meshes of free-form geometry in 3D space; Continuous development, testing and debugging; SOFiSTiK AG & CiE TUM; 2011- 2016
DoMesh – Extension of FEM surface mesh generator by symmetry meshing features for fast and precise computation of surface integrals on cross section in SOFiSTiK Aqua; SOFiSTiK AG & CiE TUM; 2014 – 2016
BIM2Sim – Integration of Bim/Ifc models in ANSYS; Software Lab Supervision; CADFEM & CiE TUM
HP Viewer – High-performance FEM mesh viewer based on fabric engine; Software Lab Supervision; ANSYS & CiE TUM