ffr Engineering

3D Printing Services

ffr Engineering offers services for business and private customers in the field of 3D-Printing.

We support our customers with consulting and executing services concerning pre-processing and placing of 3D-printing projects. Our services offers are in detail:

  • Geometric modeling (BRep and Stl) from scratch till the final printable volume model
  • Geometric healing of flawed models
  • Consulting regarding techniques and methods of the process chain from pre-processing until the 3D print  



 Geometric Modeling



Geometric & Topological


3D Printing


  • High-quality & high-precision geometric modeling
  • CAD/CAM modeling
  • Free-form modeling:
    NURBS, Splines, T-Splines;
  • Stl-Conversion
  • Healing and clean-up of flawed models
  • Geometric healing
  • Topological clean-up
  • Ready2Print Stl-based models
  • Consulting on printing techniques
  • Optimization of model configuration
  • Quality control
ViolinModel thumbViolinModelRendered thumbViolinModelRendered2ViolinModelHealing thumbViolinModelHealing2 thumbViolinPrinted thumbViolinPrinted2 thumb