ffr Engineering


We offer our customers tailored engineering solutions. This service range is extended by independently developed products and solutions. Thus, we want to provide our customer needs in our business fields with long-term know-how and support.
We offer our customers products and solutions in form of software, software components and plug-ins for engineering, modeling and simulation applications.
Our own products and solutions can be tailored and extended to your needs and pre-requisites if desired. Please contact us for more information.

Here is an overview on our solutions in products available or under development.







//** NACA profile / wing / rotor **\\


The Rhino Rotorblade project – A NACA airfoil shape and wing generator extension for the commercial CAD-tool Rhinoceros.


  • NACA airfoil shape profile interpolation curves
  • NACA database for commonly used airfoil series
  • Extendibility of NACA profile generator due to object-oriented programming
  • Assembly of airfoil shapes profile curves to form entire wing models
  • Templates for wing shapes concerning thickness and chord length
  • Easy placement of airfoil shapes and wing models in space
  • Samples for all features and their usage



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forDat library

//** forDat - FORTRAN 95/2003 data handling library **\\


This open-source FORTRAN library in 95/2003 standard provides general data handling and data structure features for FORTRAN solutions.


  • Hierarchical, object-oriented FORTRAN library in 95/2003 standard
  • Data container types: Hash tables, Linked Lists, Iterators
  • UUID technology
  • data basis for 3rd party developers due to hierarchical, object-orientated structure
  • tests and samples

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