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Modern FORTRAN programming

ffr Engineering offers programming, code maintenance and software development services in modern 90/95 and 2003 FORTRAN standard.

We offer the following FORTRAN services:

  • Programming and code development in FORTRAN 90/95 and 2003 standard
  • Software development and software architecture design for engineering and numerical applications in FORTRAN
  • Testing, code maintenance, debugging and documentation of FORTRAN software
  • Performance analysis and performance improvement
  • Strategies for code parallelization
  • FORTRAN development in INTEL environment
  • Memory leak detection
  • Concepts and actual Re-Design of existing FORTRAN applications (porting to modern FORTRAN)

Furthermore we develop own proprietary modern FORTRAN based code projects for engineering applications and data management.
Please refer to FORTRAN products below for further information.


Features of modern FORTRAN

FORTRAN has proven to be a well-suited programming language for numeric and engineering applications since many years. Especially in the field of engineering and numerical mathematics FORTRAN remains often the first choice.

Although, not having the reputation of being a very modern programming language, FORTRAN is still alive and is being under active development for modern and future needs. With the modern 90/95 and 2003 standard specifications, FORTRAN evolved into a powerful procedural and object-oriented language.

Modern FORTRAN features:

  • Procedural and object-oriented programming
  • Dynamic memory handling (allocatable objects, pointer)
  • Polymorphism
  • Strengths of “classical” FORTRAN (high performance computing for numerical applications)
  • Easy integration of parallel strategies (Co-Arrays, OpenMP, Task parallelization, …)


Why modern FORTRAN

ffr Engineering has a high expertise in FORTRAN development for engineering and numerical applications. We are convinced that FORTRAN offers many useful and powerful features for modern applications, especially in the field of high performance numerical, mechanical and engineering applications. However, every language has its specific strengths and drawbacks. Large scale and complex applications probably ask for a multi-language approach.

Modern FORTRAN combines strengths of classical FORTRAN, especially concerning mathematical operations, with strengths of object orientation regarding code design and structure.
Modern FORTRAN is worth a look, due to:

  • Rather easy to learn and understand for non-computer scientists
  • Slim, efficient and powerful concerning mathematical applications and matrix-like operations
  • Availability of many FORTRAN-based tools and libraries for high-performance numerical computation
  • Easy integration of parallelization strategies
  • Basic object-orientation and polymorphism

We offer fair and objective consulting services to estimate the potential of modern FORTRAN for your application.


Proprietary FORTRAN application products

We develop own solutions and products for engineering applications in C/C++, FORTRAN and Python programming language. Our goal is the utilization of the most suitable language for each solution or solution part. For large-scale and complex applications, we are convinced in the potential of multi-language environments to meet all specific needs of modern engineering problems.

We are happy to announce the publication of the open source forDat library in FORTRAN 90/95 and 2003 standard. This library is an object-oriented basis for data handling and storage for FORTRAN applications.






forDat library

//** forDat - FORTRAN 95/2003 data handling library **\\


This open-source FORTRAN library in 95/2003 standard provides general data handling and data structure features for FORTRAN solutions.


  • Hierarchical, object-oriented FORTRAN library in 95/2003 standard
  • Data container types: Hash tables, Linked Lists, Iterators
  • UUID technology
  • data basis for 3rd party developers due to hierarchical, object-orientated structure
  • tests and samples

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