ffr Engineering


We offer efficient and tailored services in the field of programming and software development for your solutions.

We are the reliable and creative partner you need for your project. We dedicate our experience in software design, development and testing in Windows and Linux environments to the success of your projects.


We offer our customers the following services:

  • Software development in the languages C++, FORTRAN and Python
  • Development of graphical user interfaces (GUI) based on QT, C++ and Python
  • Creation and maintenance of software development environments under Windows and Linux:
    Visual Studio, Eclipse, SVN Repository Management, CMAKE
  • Consulting services regarding software development and programming languages

One of our core competences is software development for applications in civil engineering, numerical frameworks and geometric pre-processing and clean-up.


Modern FORTRAN programming

We offer programming services in modern FORTRAN 90/95 and 2003 standard.

Our modern FORTRAN services.