ffr Engineering


 OpenFOAM cloud computing 

Power-Boost for your OpenFOAM CFD-simulation

Your OpenFOAM simulation is hungry for CPU power?!
We offer dynamic cloud-computing solutions on basis of Amazon EC2 for your CFD-competence.

We offer:

  • Individual server instances (VPS on Amazon EC2 basis) including access and user management with ready-to-go OpenFOAM software basis.
  • Dynamic supply of server instances with requested performance and memory
      from 0.6 to 244 GB RAM
      from 1 to 88 core units
      dynamic supply of physical memory
  • Hour-based billing of used computing power
  • Persistent storage of data and data backup solutions
  • Time for setup and configuration starting from only an hour

We would be happy to support your CFD competence with the required computational performance needed.
Please contact us for a detailed offer.