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We consult and support you in the development of Cloud Computing solutions.

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loud Computing – functionality, potential and applications

Cloud and Cloud Computing appears recently in all fields of IT-technology in the private and professional environment. What are the key concepts of Cloud Computing and which potential do they provide for engineering applications? In the final analysis Cloud Computing describes the transfer of computational power and application platforms to external managed, large scale server units, and the dynamic usage of their capacities for own applications. High investment costs are replaced by usage based billing models. The key properties are:

  • External hosting, management, maintenance and backup of hardware
  • Usage based billing of effectively used computational resources (and services)
  • Access to applications and data via network and/or internet
  • High protection against data loss on server side
  • Fast and optimized access worldwide

Theoretically Cloud Computing can be applied to nearly all applications. However, a specifically high potential of cloud computing strategies can be exploited for applications with temporal heavily varying demands towards hardware power, memory requirements and data access. For such applications the dynamic scaling properties of cloud-based systems can be used most optimal. High private investment costs can be reduced on the hardware side, only properly uitilized concerning the offered capacity in few peak hours.


ffr Engineering – Cloud Computing

We consult and support you developing and maintaining Cloud Computing solutions for engineering applications. Therefore, we use the services and products offered by Amazon web services (aws).

The following cloud-based scenarios are highly promising for engineering applications in our opinion:

  • Data management and backup in the cloud (aws S3)
  • User management and access control (aws IAM)
  • Dynamically scalable, virtual server instances for engineering applications in the cloud (aws EC2)
  • Databases in the cloud (SQL and noSQL)ffrCloud Computing 2