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Overview on our services for you:


IT- and Engineering-Services


 ffr - Programming Services

IT, Programming, Software-Development

Professional Software-Development for engineering applications.

GUI-Programming (Graphical User-Interfaces).

Development of program extensions and Workflow-Scripting.

 ffr - Modelling Services

 Modeling, Pre-Processing, Clean-Up

Digital product design and geometric modeling for engineering applications and numerical simulations.

Clean-Up and Healing of digital geometric models for numerical simulations.

Development of parameterized and scripted geometric models for simulations.

 ffr - Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

Numerical Simulations and static analysis in civil engineering.

Services for sustainable engineering solutions in building industry.

Development and maintenance of building-information-models.

 ffr - Information Technologies Services

 Information Technologies

Support and consulting for Information-Management, -Transfer and –Storage systems. 

Cloud-Computing Services.


Products and Solutions

We are a services provider in the field of engineering, numerical simulation, programming and information technologies.
Furthermore, we develop own products in form of software solutions, codes and software plug-ins for engineering, modeling and simulation applications.

Our solutions and products