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we are offering Engineering and IT-services and consulting for your projects and solutions. Our services cover software-development in engineering, geometric modeling and pre-processing, geometric clean-up as well as information-management in engineering workflows.


Services and Products

We are offering services in the field of IT, Engineering and simulation as well as information technologies for industrial and engineering partners. In particular we offer our customers the following services and solutions:


 ffr - Programming Services

IT, Programming, Software-Development

Professional Software-Development for engineering applications.

GUI-Programming (Graphical User-Interfaces).

Development of program extensions and Workflow-Scripting.

 ffr - Modelling Services

 Modeling, Pre-Processing, Clean-Up

Digital product design and geometric modeling for engineering applications and numerical simulations.

Clean-Up and Healing of digital geometric models for numerical simulations.

Development of parameterized and scripted geometric models for simulations.

 ffr - Civil Engineering Services

Civil Engineering Services

Numerical Simulations and static analysis in civil engineering.

Services for sustainable engineering solutions in building industry.

Development and maintenance of building-information-models.

 ffr - Information Technologies Services

 Information Technologies

Support and consulting for Information-Management, -Transfer and –Storage systems. 

Cloud-Computing Services.


Beside IT- and Engineering services we also develop own solutions and products.



We are looking forward to provide you with a tailored offer for your project and engineering solutions. Please contact us as follows:

ffr Engineering

ffr Engineering
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81247 Munich

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